#29 – Deep Clean Rooms

Each Hygienist is responsible for cleaning her own room.

Computer area –
Remove all items off counter top and dust
Dust off computer and monitor
Do not use any solutions on computer screen it will damage it.
Use canned air to dust keyboard and behind monitor and computer
Keep clutter free

X-ray unit –
Clean and dust entire x-ray unit including head, arm, and wall mount
Change plastic bag twice daily

Dust entire TV and VCR
Put away all movies
Remember to wipe screen off

Doc Cart – Assistant cart –
Remove all items off shelf under cart
Wipe all hoses, holders and top of cart
Clean base and feet of cart along with shelf
Use air/water syringe to remove dust from umbilical tube
Place plastic on all tubing
Clean Cavitron unit and cords
Place plastic bag over unit
Run solution through suction line

Dental Chair and Light at end of day –
Use chair cleaner on chair
Raise chair to highest level clean base
Clean off rheostat
Wipe off dental light and arm Make sure you dust the plastic cover on light

Op-chair –
Clean chair, base and legs

Sink area –
Clean out sink
Wipe off counter
Remove clutter

Cleaning suction –
Run Vacuole through line
1. End of day
2. After STM appointment

Baseboards and Cabinets –
Wipe/dust off
Clean and organize cabinet