#31 – Day Sheets

The day sheets are created so each of the dentists can evaluate their performance for the day. The reports are printed every evening by the scheduling secretary and will be distributed by the secretaries each morning.

Your responsibility is to review the reports for mistakes.

– Day Sheets

Things to verify –
A. All charges are accurate
B. All treatment is charged out to the correct provider
C. All adjustments are done correctly and match the provider who completed the tx.

EFDA’s and upper level assistants columns can not receive credit for:
– Pulpotomies, pulp caps
– Biopsy’s
– TMJ appliances
– Oral Surgery
– Crowns, Bridge
– Root Canals
– Full metal partials

Hygienists can not receive credit for:
– Emergency exams – these go to the Dr. that checked.
– Periodic exams

Highlight changes to be made and give to _________, if everything is ok mark as “ok” and give to Heather. You will then review the mistakes in huddle the following day.

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