Hygienist Level 1

  1. Beginner
  2. Stay on schedule
  3. Practices proper safety procedures
  4. Safe handling of all hazardous materials
  5. Takes blood pressure and pulse on every patient
  6. Reviews health history on every patient
  7. Does oral cancer screening on every client
  8. Performs scaling and pumice prophys on recall client
  9. Maintenances own instruments and equipment effectively
  10. Enters treatment and sets continuing care messages in the computer routinely
  11. Understands and can help with recall system
  12. Goes to Nursing Homes
  13. Uses free time effectively
  14. X-rays (same as assistant level 1)
  15. Can do preventive care appointment with children
  16. Considers malpractice insurance
  17. Thorough knowledge of preventive dentistry:  fluoride, perio aid, brush, floss, sealants, kids pc
  18. Understands and uses nitrous oxide
  19. Sharpens instruments effectively
  20. Determines interval between preventive appts.
  21. Recommends fluoride gel
  22. Helps clients stop smoking
  23. Understands our philosophy in treating the poor
  24. Treating Repetitive Stress Injuries 
  25. Prepares for huddle
  26. Organize client charts
  27. Fill out referral slips
  28. Understands minimally invasive dentistry
  29. Deep clean rooms
  30. Privileging
  31. Day Sheets
  32. Pamper your client
  33. Understands gum recession
  34. Production
  35. Gains Commitments from Clients for Improved Health
  36. Ideal Day

How do you know you have finished this level?

When you’re ready to finish a level, you not only know how to do each of the tasks listed above, but you also have a system set up so that you are actually doing each task. It’s not just what you know, it’s what you do! So, the systems you should have set up in order to complete this level include:

  • You have a recall system in place – you know what reports to run each month and you track your success
  • You have a system to maintain your instruments – you know how to sharpen them and you perform an inventory of the quality annually in order to purchase new
  • You hit your production goal
  • You have a system to track the dental treatment you propose to your patients – whether a bonus exists in your office or not
  • You manage your free time – you maintain a project list and document what you accomplish every time you have an opening in your schedule