General Level 4

Level 4 General

Estimated time to complete: 4- 5 months

Good-bye Job, Hello Career

What is a career? In a job you have specific tasks to perform at specific times (remember the ideal day?). Now in levels 4-6, you will be more involved with the “big picture” using your skills and experience to achieve results. Our clients don’t come to us for a filling or a crown, they come for the benefits these various procedures will provide them (feelings of attractiveness, self-worth, pain avoidance, and many others).

Level by level you will be given more responsibilities and the time to achieve results. Level by level you will have less personal supervision and more of your time will be spent helping others develop careers of their own.

Now that you are ready to build your career, try to develop these career goals:

1. a sense of our mission

2. enjoyment of challenges

3. be goal oriented

4. work to gain consensus

5. enjoy what you do and being part of our successes

Learn quickly and prosper!


Level 4

1. Uses 5 step problem solving technique

2. Learns to recognize body language

3. Does prospective staff interviewing – Hiring

4. Helps to establish fee schedules for doctors

5. Reads PET

6. Reads “Communication in the Dental Office”

7. Helps with training of less advanced staff and attends one team leader meeting

8. Keeps good written records

9. Communicates effectively with clients

10. Interprets medical history and updates treatment section of yellow history form

11. Reads Mars and Venus in the Workplace

12. Effectively assists special clients

13. Reads Please Understand Me

14. An exceptional team focus on quality/value

15. Begins to understand Total Quality Management Concepts

16. Reads Dental Analogies

17. Recognition Plan for HealthPark

18. Helps plan staff events

19. Reads (or watches) Fit or Fat

20. Defuses angry client

21. Nutrition – diets, supplements

22. Watches “Caine Mutiny”-ethics/morals

23. Baldrige Information Analysis

24. Finances Living Will, Durable Power of Attorney, Disability Insurance, College for Your Children

25. Fabulous Feedback