#20 – iPad

Now that we have an iPad in the office, we should all know how to use the applications for it. We all remember “I have an app for that….”

This is one of the great things about having the iPad. It can help with so many things we do here on a daily basis! This section will explain the DDS GP app.

To turn on the iPad:
1. The power button is on the top right side of the iPad
2. Press the indentation at the bottom of the screen that has a rounded square on it
3. Slide to unlock
4. Our password is _________
5. To return to desktop anytime, press the indentation at the bottom of the screen
6. Turn the iPad to landscape view

DDS GP allows us to give dynamic, personal explanations of treatment. Rather than having showing a video and asking for questions, we can use this as a tool to create a more personalized approach.
Once you have walked through one demo, you will understand how to use any demonstration in the app. Once the app is open, take a minute to familiarize yourself with the structure and organization of the files found in the upper left hand corner.

You can find demos under a category, custom search, or our most commonly used items in the favorite section.

To emphasize an area simply use your finger to draw on the screen. Any drawings can be easily erased by touching the trash icon.

Advance the demo using either the arrows or by dragging the slider icon.

Each is a dynamic demonstration that walks patients through the process as you use the slider found at the bottom of the screen.