#21 – Clinical Room Appearance

The Appearance of a Treatment Room (This section for clinical staff only.)

One of our goals is to create an atmosphere in which all of our patients have a similar experience regardless of who provides treatment. We are all trained in such a way that it is ensured that we speak the same language and present an appearance of professionalism.

In keeping with our training and goals, it is important that the appearance inside the building remains consistent throughout. Treatment rooms should present a similar appearance with our level of professionalism.

1. Cleanliness: Rooms must be deep-cleaned at least once a month to remove residue and buildup from surfaces. You will be amazed to see how much dust and dirt builds up on our equipment in one month! There are deep cleaning supplies located ________________ for your use. Wipe all surfaces, remove residues, and disinfect equipment. Once your room is deep-cleaned it is important to initial and date the “Deep Room Cleaning” section in the Assistant Binder.

2. Computer Desk: Desk should be clear of extraneous paperwork, charts, and other clutter. The computer desk may include supplies that are used regularly such as a pencil/pen holder, keyboard, mouse, mousepad, and intraoral camera sleeve covers.

3. Walls and Door: All walls should be clear of posters, artwork, articles, and other items displayed. If any tape residue is on leftover from previous wall-hangings, please remove. (Agent Orange will remove this effectively). Please wipe walls regularly to remove aerosol sprays that leave a visible film.

4. Countertops: Countertops should remain clear, however, the Oral-B Smart Series 5000 electric toothbrush display is permitted.

5. Floor: Do not leave personal belongings on the floor. Please use the lounge.

6. Other: Personal artifacts such as family or pet photos are not permitted in rooms.

If you wish to have certain items accessible for patient discussions, it is permitted to use a plastic drawer unit that can hold any items for demonstration. The magazine rack in each room may also hold flip charts and posters you wish to display.

To get signed off on this section, meet with the office manager in your professionally cleaned clinical room.