Assistant Level 6

1. Begin EFDA classes
2. Work Schedule
3. Sealants
4. Triad light curing system
5. New Client – Welfare
6. Soft Tissue Management
7. Screen New Clients that want Dentures
8. Use Almore crown remover
9. Simple plastic fillings
10. Simple amalgam fillings
11. Learns to read X-rays
12. Is a resource for equipment/supply purchases
13. Prepares for seating of posts
14. Dental Photography – advanced
15. Places Rubber Dam
16. Advanced Temporary Crowns
17. Run HealthPark’s OSHA compliance program

I. Introduction- Role of the safety coordinator
II. Oversight Plan
III. Infectious Processes
IV. Specific Procedures

a) Specification for new equipment, materials for purchase
b) Radiation Protection
c) Vaccination
d) Ergonomic Injuries

V. OSHA, CDC Documents

a) General Safety
b) Hazard Communication
c) Hazardous Waste
d) Medical Records

VI. Accidents
VII. Training

a) Annual Safety Meeting
b) Developing a Culture of Safety
c) Walk around OCS inspection to prepare for OSHA inspection
d) Running OSHA office inspection

VIII. Resources

18. Responsible for operation area cleanliness
19. Responsible for Staff Safety
20. Learns to use sandblaster
21. Magnification
22. Responsible for “Greening” HealthPark
23. Maintain all past goals
24. Performs Ideal Day Tasks Routinely
25. Maintains all Previous Goals