Assistant Level 5

1. Morning huddle – assigns projects
2. Packs Retraction cords (C &B), when state board allows
3. Advanced Emergency Exam
4. Visits 3 Offices
5. Constructs TMJ splint
6. Reads and discusses ODA Code manual
7. Learns to repair dental equipment
8. Learns to Interpret X-rays
9. Seating complete dentures
10. Does simple denture repairs
a. Repair fractures
b. Tooth to an appliance
c. Broken tooth repair
11. Presents treatment plans (see Gen. Level 6 #4)
12. Tracking lab results
13. Advanced shade selection
14. Seat temporary partial dentures
15. Responsible for cleanliness of operatories, lab area, storage area
16. How to use Bosworth Truliner
17. Learns to duplicate complete dentures
18. Seat splints
19. Maintains all previous goals
20. Ideal Day