Assistant Level 4

Congratulations! You have completed your first stage of training. You are now better trained than 90% of the chairside assistants in the U.S. The negative side of this is that you will never again be satisfied to just “suck spit” (3 quarts expected, bonus for 4th quart).

Now let’s work together to really make a career for you!

1. Suture removal
2. Fluoride
3. Learns to Interpret X-rays
4. Can duplicate complete dentures
5. Bite Splint Construction
6. Try in and Seat Partial Dentures
7. Provides Soft Tissue Management Consult
8. Office Temporary Relines
9. Do welfare complete client exam
10. Responsible for equipment maintenance
11. Make whitening splints
12. Constructs mouthguards
13. Passes Certification Exam
14. Wheelchair Transfer
15. Supports Oral Sedation
16. Responsible for staff safety
17. Takes coronal polishing class
18. Constructs an Essix Temporary Bridge
19. Supports intracoronal whiting
20. Assisted Hygiene
21. Maintains all previous responsibilities
22. Ideal Day