#21 – Supervises High School Students

The assistant that is working the evening shift is responsible for supervising the high school student that evening. Her responsibilities include:

1. Say Hi to the student when they arrive to work

2. Meet with the student to review what all they need to accomplish that evening – if there are any special projects (mailers or typing) that need to be worked on.

3. Review the daily, weekly & monthly duties with the student & confirm that as they complete tasks, they need to check them off.

4. Keep an eye on your student & her ideal day – make sure she is checking off each task & that she is working. Your student should be working at the C&S areas – there is no reason for your student to be in the staff lounge (unless they are folding laundry) or at the front desk. If your student is gone for more than a few minutes, then you should go find her & help her to get back on track. If you find her in the lounge making a personal call or chatting with another staff member, then you should say “Hi, I could really use your help.” – Then you should wait until she walks up to the desk with you. Then, you should go back to the daily duties and ask her where she left off & how her projects are going. Let her know that you are so glad she is here b/c there is lots of work to get done.

5. If your student disappears more than one time, then you should write down this problem & let your team leader know.

6. At the end of the evening, you will meet with your student again to review their ideal day and confirm that everything was completed. Praise your student if all is done. If items are not completed, then you must step in & help your student to get everything done before the evening is completed.

7. One of your major responsibilities is to complete all daily duties if your student did not. To confirm this, you go and look at the C&S area and evaluate yourself, you do not simply ask your student if everything is done.

8. If your student is caught up on her ideal day, then she should open her level and you can train her on a task. She should take notes & you should assign her practice on this task. Make sure her cover page for her level is posted somewhere – at least once/week your student should be caught up enough to be working on her level. All students are expected to move through the first two sections of their level 1 secretary in the first 2-3 months they are working here.

Training requirements for students working in level 1 assistant:
To finish basic skills within 1 month
To finish extended skills within 1 month
To finish all of level 1 assistant within 5 months