#3 – Organizes Client Charts

Client charts can grow over the years. Many of these pages are important to current treatment or important historical records necessary to protect us from malpractice claims. However, some pages can be thrown away. Here is a list of the pages that can be thrown away:

1. Old health histories
2. Any emergency sheets
a. Older than 2 years
b. Save all that have endo notes or tests in the last 12 months
3. All old treatment plans
4. Completed treatment plan sheets
5. Old diagnostic notes work sheets

Once the useless pages are gone, go ahead and organize the remaining pages in the following areas.

A. Left front pocket (from front to back)
1. Client release form
2. Insurance/financial information
3. Current green worksheet for treatment plan
4. Current formal treatment plan
5. Current medical/dental health history form
6. Picture of client

B. Right rear pocket (from front to back) ALL ORGANIZED BY DATES IN ONE PILE
1. Current x-rays
2. Old supporting paperwork
a. All lab slips
b. Blue emergency forms
1. Less than 2 years old
2. Used to record endodontic procedure
c. Old periodontal pink sheets
d. Old formal treatment plans
e. Old yellow treatment sheets
f. Notes from physicians, hospitals, etc.
g. old lab prescriptions
h. notes from specialists
3. Old x-rays

C. Old information open inside right pocket.
1. Current treatment sheet
2. Current salmon appointment sheet
3. Current green sheet

D. Inside left pocket
1. Current control sheet (pink/green)
2. Remaining pink sheets