#12 – Maintains emergency drug kit

When an emergency occurs, divide our actions into three parts.

A. Clients in the office
1. Secretary calls 911
2. If anyone came with the client in trouble the secretaries should quietly let them know.
3. Individually tell others in the reception room that an emergency has occurred and it is under control.

B. Client in trouble
1. Recognize the problem quickly
2. Inform your doctor
3. Begin or support CPR
4. Clear all instruments out of the operatory

C. Keep the emergency kits updated

The red plastic kits contain the necessary materials.
1. Epinepherine
2. 2 ammonia ampules

Remember, our emergency squad will be here within 5 minutes of receiving our call. They have requested that we not give any drugs. Our job is to provide CPR until they arrive.
*In case of emergency for staff & clients:

Emergency Drug Supplies
• Bandaids
• Non-stick pads
• Triple antibiotic ointment
• Finger cots
• Neosporin & pain relief
• Clear tape
• Oral thermometer
• Digital thermometer

Ibuprofen tablets – 400mg ea.
Ibuprofen tablets – 200mg ea.
Amoxicillin – 500mg ea.
Clindamycin – 150mg ea.

– Furnace room w/all charged out items
-Smelling salts (ammonia) are located in every operatory taped to soap dispensers