#15 – Helps keep doctors on schedule

You are the quarterback for your dentist. The dentist is responsible for quality client care. You are responsible for the comfort of the client and keeping your dentist on schedule! Each dentist will usually use two chairs. Keep track of all events that interfere with the smooth flow of your schedule in you notebook. Bring your observations to your huddle. Take responsibility (and credit!) for a smooth flowing day! Here are some tips.

1. Be prepared. Never make your doctor wait while you’re cleaning up. Have your doctor use an adjacent operatory. Not only clean and sanitize the other operatory, but put the tray and instruments in also.

2. If your doctor is caught talking with a client, help him/her. Say “Doctor, I’m sorry to interrupt but you have a phone call.” This will help the doctor gracefully stop the conversation. If the doctor wants to continue the conversation, s/he can say “That’s fine, tell them I’ll return the call soon.”

Can you think of any other ways you could help your doctor stay on schedule?

The best days are when the schedule runs smoothly. Laughing, joking, relaxed, happy staff and doctors. As you will have noticed this mood changes when your doctor slips behind schedule. No conversation, constant apologies to clients, glances at clocks, frowns, sweat = no fun.

You are a major factor in helping your doctor stay on schedule.
Here are some tips:

1. When you are running over with one client find a convenient spot, excuse yourself, and seat your next client. Estimate the length of wait.

2. If a client is finished and wants to talk with your dentist, wait about one minute and then say “Excuse me, Mrs. Jones, doctor _______, your next client is waiting for you.” This gives your doctor an excuse to gracefully exit.

3. If you are not assisting at the chair, watch the schedule closely. Make sure the next room is set up, client seated, etc. This becomes your primary responsibility.