Assistant Level 3

1. X rays
2. Mount x rays accurately
3. Organize client charts
4. Photographs & Uses Intra oral Digital Camera Routinely
5. Crown and Bridge Procedures

a. Place retraction cord
b. Take Lab Impression
c. Make temporary crowns
d. Pick shades for esthetic dentistry, use X-rite
e. Seat Crowns
f. Fit in plating
g. Cementing the crowns
h. Fitting Crowns Under an Existing Partial Denture
i. Pour Models
j. Trim Models
k. Mounting casts using facebow
l. Sectioning
m. Lab infection control

6. Prepare laboratory prescription
7. Place Temporary restorations
8. Adjusting complete and partial dentures
9. Check all lab cases
10. Take alginate impressions
11. Effective Assisting at Nursing Homes
12. Maintains emergency drug kit
13. Temporary Denture Lining
14. Makes facebow records
15. Helps keep doctors on schedule
16. Handle emergency appointment
17. Diagnodent
18. Introduction – Preventive Care Instructions
19. Duplication of Models
20. Day sheets
21. Supervises High School Student
22. Maintains all Past Goals
23. Performs Ideal Day Routinely