#18 – Running behind schedule

Running behind schedule is the most stressful part of your day. Clients hate to wait. Dentists feel pressured to speed up to get back on schedule. You are trapped between these two unhappy people. Here are steps to get back on schedule.

1. Realize that when you are more than 5 minutes behind, you have a problem
2. Even if you aren’t ready, seat the client on time. The client will feel we are on time if they are seated promptly. Start a movie, tilt them back, start topical anesthesia, ask about N2O. Do everything you can to make the client comfortable and save your dentist time.
3. If you are unable to break away from your dentist, have our cleaning/sterilization person seat/dismiss and clean rooms for you.
4. If your dentist is more than 15 minutes behind and there’s little hope of catching up, have a secretary contact your next client and have her come in 15 minutes later to avoid inconveniencing her.
5. Do this little things to keep your dentist from wasting time.
a. Turn N2O off (100% O2) 5 minutes before end of appointment (Must be Certified)
b. Write up treatment on treatment sheet
c. Enter treatment in the computer

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