#17 – Review client charts for next work day

Checking Charts

• Charts should be checked for the next day in the morning.
• Pull charts from doctor’s bin and print a print out of that day’s schedule
• Make sure you have all the charts for the next day for all columns

When checking charts, assistant should check all columns charts – Doctors, EFDA, EMR

What to look for . . .

A. The treatment is accurate and has not already been done

B. Client is scheduled with correct providers
1. Anesthesia time
2. Doctor’s time
3. EFDA or second column time
4. Hygiene

C. Client has updated health history. If not, client’s entry is turned orange in the computer schedule and is noted. Check and see if patient has latex allergy.

D. If client is in for complete exams, make sure:
1. New health history or client coming in 15 minutes early to fill out
2. Has x-rays or is scheduled with assistant to take them
3. Has Intra Oral pictures, including notes on treatment concerns by assistant/hygienist and diagnodent readings along with treatment history for doctor during exam
4. Are there x-rays and treatment history from previous dentist

E. Make sure all lab cases and TMJ splints for clients scheduled for a try-in or seat appointment
F. TMJ appointment must be confirmed 24 hours in advance personally (no messages left) and must have paperwork filled out.
G. If client is in for emergency exam, make sure secretary’s portion of blue emergency sheet filled out.
H. Scan all clients to see if anyone is due for their cleaning
I. Make sure all clients that require premeds have had them called in.
J. Organize folders based on time we see them.

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