#5 – Responsible for sterilizer testing

All sterilizer equipment gets spore tested through OSHA spore check system.

On Mondays, first cycle of each statin and auto clave run a spore strip with instrument packs. These can be found ______________.

White envelopes (in binder):

Label envelope according to autoclave number.
– autoclave is #1
– statim # 2
– statim located _______  # 3

After running strip through sterilizer cycle, let dry completely, then put strip in envelope. Seal and send THAT DAY in the mail.

OSHA will call us if there is a problem, otherwise they will mail us a weekly report. Monthly reports are filed ___________.

If a spore test fails, and OSHA calls, immediately run another test on the sterilizer in question. Send it out the day it is ran. But you may still use statim, if the test fails twice in a row, the statim / autoclave must be maintenanced.

Other than OSHA spore – test, watch to be sure the bags that are ran through any sterilizers are completely dry and that a row turns from pink to brown to insure sterility.

MaxiTest In-Office
Steam Biological Indicators

1. Remove 5 MaxiTest units from the box and label them according to the sterilizer they will be used in.
2. Place MaziTest unit in sterilizer horizontally.
3. Select the appropriate cycle and process the load.
4. Remove from the sterilizer and allow to cool for at least 10 minutes.
5. The chemical indicator on the label changes from blue to black when exposed to steam. This distinguishes exposed from non exposed units.
6. Activate the MaxiTest units by placing them in an upright position in the plastic crusher and gently squeeze the crusher to break the glass ampoule.
7. Place the activated indicator in the incubator rack and incubate immediately.
8. The incubation time is 24 hours. The appearance of a yellow color indicates bacterial growth which implies a positive test result and discontinue use of the appropriate sterilizer immediately.
9. Record all results
10. Retest the indicated sterilizer.
11. Dispose of all used MaxiTest indicators

Use of Controls
1. As a positive growth control, place an activated, unsterilized, MaxiTest indicator in the incubator when testing all sterilizers.
2. Examine and record results after 24 hours along with the other incubators.
3. If the positive control does not grow, do not use the units from this box.

1. Store MaxiTest indicators at room temperature
2. Don not store these indicators near sterilants or other chemicals
3. Indicators have a 24 month shelf-life which is clearly designated on each box. Rotate your stock accordingly.

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