#19 – Delegates tasks effectively

As you finish this level, you have completed almost all of the tasks in the professional track level. Now is the time to re-evaluate your “ideal” day and add in the new upper level tasks and delegate lower level tasks to make room in your day for the new ones.

As your first step, set up a meeting with your team leader and Dr.  You will discuss how you plan to incorporate these new tasks into your ideal day as well as which tasks you will still be responsible for. You will also determine which tasks you will delegate to which specific other team members who are in lower levels. You will be responsible for following up on these tasks to make sure they are completed correctly.

To prepare for this meeting, make a copy of your new ideal day and pencil in your ideas for new tasks and tasks you plan to delegate. Review this tentative ideal day with your team leader. When you are both satisfied with this day, give a copy of this ideal day to Dr. so he can add his ideas. Arrange a meeting with you, your team leader, and Dr.  At the meeting you three will review your new ideal day and decide how best to manage your time to accomplish all your new tasks.

Write down 3 instances that you delegated a task

What was the date?

What was the task?

To Whom did you delegate?

Was the task accomplished?



  1. Infectious and non-infectious waste disposal treatment areas
  2. Stocking operatories and support areas
  3. Organizes all drawers
  4. Keep uniforms clean
  5. Proper labeling
  6. Daily duties
  7. Clean operatories
  8. Fill our blocks
  9. Clean endo files
  10. Check lab pans/ cases


  1. Clean and sterilize
  2. Sterilizing and disinfecting instruments
  3. Seat clients
  4. Dismiss clients
  5. Developing x-rays
  6. Changing nitrous oxide tanks
  7. Keep maintenance cost to a minimum
  8. Maintain hand instruments
  9. Place topical anesthetic
  10. Equipment maintenance
  11. Organizes all drawers
  12. Helps catch up when
  13. Running behind
  14. Run on time
  15. Clean lab



  1. Take blood pressure
  2. Check in and out lab cases
  3. Charts filled out completely
  4. Calms fearful clients
  5.  Assists routinely
  6. Check charts
  7. Run huddle
  8. Nitrousoxide
  9. Run on time
  10. Add tx in computer



Team Leader           Date