#12 – Charts filled out completely

When your dentist completes treatment for a client, it’s your responsibility to make sure the chart is completed before you bring the client to the front desk.

If you don’t, the secretary won’t have enough information to dismiss the client and she will give you the chart again. Part of being organized and efficient is to get it right the first time.

The treatment sheets should show:

1. What treatment you did on which tooth number.
2. Anesthetic (how much and what kind as well as “# of liters of N2O and O2, 5 minutes O2, street ready” and length of time if used)
3. All materials/procedure
4. Why the treatment was done
5. Any complications noted
6. Rx stickers if any prescriptions given.
7. Salmon sheet filled out completely – What the next visit will be, how long to wait for that appointment, and what times the doc needs
8. Health History updated

Duplicate this sheet and have it signed by one of the secretaries.

_________________ routinely brings charts to the front desks that have steps complete.

___________________ _____
Date Signature (secretary)