#6 – First Assistant in the Office – Start of the Day

First Assistant in the Office – Start of Day

Come in the far door or front door.
• Clock in
Turn on the switches:
1. Lights
2. Water

Usually front desk personnel are in and do this.

1. Gather your charts for the day.

2. Next, turn on the one green oxygen tank and one blue nitrous oxide tank in the nitrous oxide storage room next to the main utility room, change into scrubs and start the laundry in the washer.

3. Then turn on x ray computer, all computers, cameras, tv’s, make sure all tv’s are set to show the computer to start the day

4. Place the first instrument tray on the mobile cart for the first client. Put the client’s chart on the sink area next to your doctor. Look at the chart and computer and set up for this procedure.

5. Next, take the second client’s chart, pick a second room, and set this up.

6. Turn doctor and assistant carts on. Place high speed lines in the sink, grab the air/H20 syringe and run water through these lines for 2-5 minutes in every operatory that you will be working in that day.

7. Also run H2O lines for 20 seconds between patients.

8. Empty and check cold sterile if you have time, if not, at least move cold sterile tub to the sink – this will let everyone know not to put anything in it until it is emptied and then it won’t accidentally get contaminated!

9. Go to huddle: bring that day’s schedule and client charts

As soon as your first client arrives, seat him/her. It’s a real plus to be able to start a few minutes early.