Assistant Level 2

1. Take blood pressures
2. Place topical anesthetic
3. Reads state dental board laws
4. Maintain hand instruments and curing lights
5. Responsible for sterilizer testing
6. First Assistant in Office – Start of day
7. Routinely doing four handed chairside assisting

A. Instrument transfer and their functions
B. Anesthetic syringe transfer
C. New client exam
D. Amalgam fillings
E. Plastic fillings
F. Crown and bridge – preparation
G. Crown and bridge – seating
H. Post and core
I. Endodontics – first appointment
K. Endodontics – second appointment
L. Partial dentures – preparation
M. Partial dentures – framework try in
N. Partial dentures – seating
O. Complete dentures – exam
P. Complete dentures – impression appointment
Q. TMJ exam
R. Seat splint
S. Porcelain Inlay/Onlay
T. Implants
U. Porcelain Veneers
V. Oral Surgery
W. Dry socket
X. Repair of fractured porcelain on crowns
Y. Maryland bridge
Z. IV sedation
AA. Snore/Sleep apnea
BB. Ergonomics
CC. Tips on docs
DD. Lasers

8. Check in and out lab cases
9. Lab infection control
10. Mixes liners, bases, cements, composites, and amalgams.
11. Computers in the Operatories/Introduction to Dentrix
12. Charts filled out completely
13. Assists Periodontist
14. Assists the Pediatric dentist
15. Assists Oral Surgeon
16. Oral Conscious Sedation
17. Review client charts for next workday
18. Running behind schedule
19. Delegates Tasks Effectively
20. Day Sheets
21. Helps fearful clients
22. Performs ideal day schedule routinely