#10 – Keep Uniforms Clean

All uniforms should be removed when staff members finish work. No uniforms should ever be worn out to lunch or taken home to be washed. When a uniform is removed it should be placed directly in the washer. Don’t wad it up. This will cause wrinkles.

Follow these instructions everyday:
Wear gloves while handling laundry.
Check pockets for pens, nametags, etc. when putting uniform in washer at day’s end.
Use detergent.
Wash in hot water (at least 160 degrees F) for 25 minutes.

Place in drier as quickly as possible when washer completes cycle. Don’t forget to empty the lint trap. Also remove from dryer and fold as quickly as possible to reduce wrinkling. Sort uniforms and place in correct employee’s and dentist’s bins. Clothes cannot be left in the washer overnight. They will be too wrinkled to look professional while working with clients.

Never fill the washer or dryer more than half full! This reduces the cleaning efficiency and shortens the life of the appliances.

If you forget to remove the clothes from the dryer and they are wrinkled, add a damp towel and rerun the load for 4 minutes. Don’t use a white towel. It spreads lint.