#14 – Understands how Client Folders Move Through Office

Each day, the secretaries will pull the folders that the doctors will see the next day and place them _____________. Each bin is labeled for the doctor. Pull all the folders for your doctor.

How Charts Flow through Office
At the beginning of the day the assistant pulls the the next day’s printed schedule and patient charts. The secretarys have them ready and pulled from the main file so we can review the next day’s schedule. The assistant takes the charts and schedule back to the clinical area where they are working and goes through each chart to see what we will do for the clients. Throughout the day the charts are kept behind the operatory. Each folder is then taken to the secretary at the patient check out to check out clients. After charts are checked out they go back to the Dr. to be reviewed. For insurance issues, put the charts: _______________.  For how feeling phone calls, put the charts: ________________. All charts will be replaced in the main files afterwards.

End of day – review charts for next day (pulled by front desk staff)
Go into doctor bins
Pick up charts – bring over (huddle)
Separate into appropriate provider                                                                                          Go into operatory with patient
Go to front desk
Go to doctor’s “check out” bin – doctors check on charts

Exceptions: Needs to review for insurance (especially ortho)
How-Feeling Bin

Now, go on a tour of the practice to find where the clients charts can be located:
1) All Doctors inboxes
2) Next day Chart bins
3) How feeling bins
4) Holding bins
5) Dentists counter
6) All rooms when clients are seated
7) Front Desk
8) Insurance office
9) Secretary office
10) Office manager inbox
11) Hygiene rooms
12) Inactive chart storage

_______________________ ___________
Level 2+ Secretary                              Date