#5 – Stock operatories, support area

Part of your responsibilities will be to make sure each operatory and lab area has plenty of supplies so we won’t run out during the day.

Dental assistant chart
On back of dental Asst. table  – floss holder (tape & regular), topical anesthetic, canned alcohol, articulating paper, 2×2, cotton balls, cotton rolls.
1st box  – anesthetic, anesthetic syringes – (blue short & yellow long)
2nd box  – air water syringes, high speed suction tips, slow speed suction tips, and white surgical suction tips
3rd box  – extra 2×2, cotton tips, dry angles
4th box  – Amalgam capsules (1-2 spill)

Hygenists Carts

Table Top  – Air water syringe covers, cotton rolls, floss holder – (wax and regular)
1st box  – prophy angles
2nd box  – slow speed suction and a couple high speed suction, cotton tip applicators, dry angles
3rd box  – 2×2, air water syringes

Dental assistant cart

Top bins  – Floss holder (tape and regular) topical anesthetic, cotton swabs, small cotton pellets, (cotton rolls, 2×2 gauze are stocked in dispensers), amalgam capsules (1 2 spill), anesthetic carpules and needles.
Top Drawer (hygiene)  – Prophy angles and paste, amalgam cap remover
Top Drawer (dentist)
Bottom Drawer (dentist)  Dry guards, air/water syringe tips, articulating paper, suction tips, saliva ejectors, tublicid

Sterilization area – in drawers check to see how organized
Top Left hand Drawer
Bottom Left hand Drawer  – Excavators, spoons, cotton forceps, articulator forceps, spatulas, condensers, disc/cleoid, plastic instruments.
Top Drawer second from left  – slow speed suction, high speed suction, air water syringe, and bibs
Bottom Drawer second from left – Mirrors, large and small suction tips, explorers, spatulas
Bottom Drawer on right –  syringes, amalgam wells

Support Area
When you restock an item and use the item in the storage room marked as the reorder point with an inventory tag; place the tag in the box, so inventory person can reorder the item.  When restocking, take the existing older supplies out, put the reorder tag on some of the new material and stack the old material on top so it is used first.

Each assistant and hygienist has been assigned one special room. You will be specifically responsible that all equipment works and that this room is straightened and stocked.

Bur blocks: follow diagrams on next page. Also there is a model bur block set up for the carbides and diamonds. Always have ready bur blocks made up in extra gray holders. Stone is in: ___________________. Refer to the master bur block.

Water distiller – located: ________________

Cleaning uniforms
Remove from dryer quickly to avoid wrinkles
Fold in the break room
Place dentists’ uniforms on marked shelf (names are inside uniforms)

Sort staff uniforms by size and place in drawers.
Sodium Hypochlorite (bleach) is diluted 10:1 with water.  You formulate pressure-indicating paste (used in adjusting complete dentures) as needed.
Here’s the recipe:2 cups Crisco + 2 cups zinc oxide powder
Add the powder slowly and mix in a kitchen mixer for 10-15 minutes
Cover and store for 24 hours to allow zinc oxide to absorb oils from Crisco

Bur block set up (see master block located: _____________)

Make a same list for diamond bur block

Person completing task (signature) ___________________________

Person reviewing task (signature) ____________________________