#21 – Spore Sterilizer test

 Every Monday the spore sterilizer strip is put in a pouch and in each sterilizer.  Run on a normal cycle.  After cycle is run, the strip goes in green envelope to be mailed.  Test strips are to be ran and mailed the   same day. Our mail goes out around 10 a.m. If a sterilizer is cycle faulting or not working correctly, Do Not put a spore sterilizer strip in it. Stop using that sterilizer. Write up a note for our serviceman to look at when he is next in.

  1. On the back of the envelope, you need to fill out: The date and the number of which machine you ran (Autoclave _______, Statim _____) and then sign bottom of envelope.
  2. Sign & date OSHA review book
  3. Sign off on daily duties sheet to insure it was completed weekly
  4. The company then runs this test, and sends us their monthly report.  If anything is wrong they will call us immediately to run another test. File these reports in our binders.
  5. If any of our sterilizers don’t sterilize effectively, we need to notify SMS before we send them a test strip.
  6. Notebooks updated for all sterilizers

Procedure if spore test is positive:

  1. Stop using the autoclave
  2. Review sterilization procedure checklist
  3. When procedure seems ok, re-run test
  4. Send in immediately for spore test
  5. If still not ok, send sterilizer back to manufacturer

Signed off by ___________  Date ___________