#6 – Organizes all drawers

As you know by now, it is critical that you know where to find things in the office. If you are cleaning and you don’t know where something goes put it in the “I don’t know box.” Never guess, or just stuff something away. This may create a real problem for other chairside assistants who will expect everything to be in its proper place. The best way to learn what goes where is to “Spring Houseclean” the office.

Go through every drawer.
Straighten, clean, place new paper on the shelves.
Check inventory for expiration dates (closer exp dates to the front of cabinet)
Make sure all inventory is tagged and tagged items towards back

If you run into something and you don’t know what it is, ask someone. If one of the “Old timers” doesn’t know what it is, then place it in the “I don’t know box,” so one of the dentists can decide where it goes. When you have all the drawers cleaned and organized, ask the person training you to check this step off for you. Reorganize these drawers at least once each week. Bring up at staff meeting. Is everyone happy with the organization of the drawers? Be sure all drawers are labeled correctly.
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