#22 – Uses free time effectively

Using Free Time Effectively ‑ Hopefully, you won’t have a lot of “free time.”  Here are suggestions for using this time effectively.

  1. Check to see if there is anything you can do to lighten the Dr.’s schedule.
  2. Do other hygienists need help?
  3. Do the assistants need help?
  4. Do the secretaries need help?
  5. Any lab work to be done?

Check projects list

If all of the above are done, make sure:

  1. Supplies are plentiful and stocked in rooms
  2. Handouts are in order and there are enough

Finally, if you have time, make some popcorn!  The smell always makes everyone feel better!

Popcorn Popping Instructions

  • Turn on kettle and warmer
  • Fill 1 cup measuring cup with oil
  • 1 & ½ cups with corn
  • add 2 tsp salt to corn kernels
  • Twist black lever on right to release kettle
  • Tip kettle and place corn, oil and salt inside
  • Replace kettle in holder.  Close doors
  • Turn on motor – popping will start in approx. 3-5 min.  When popping slows to stop release handle and dump corn.
  • Turn off kettle and motor
  • Stir and EAT!


Cleaning the Popcorn Machine

The machine should be wiped, inside walls and bottom, after each use. Monthly the kettle should have a thorough cleaning.  Mix baking soda with a little water making a thick paste.  Coat inside walls and bottom with thick soda paste.  Use damp paper towels to wipe off.

Wipe down thoroughly several times with wet paper towels. Make sure no water gets in hoses or electrical connections. If water does get in connection or hoses, let dry 24 hours to make sure no moisture in electrical parts, hoses or connections.