#13 – Equipment Maintenance Schedule

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Daily Duties


Evac Schedule

deep cleaning rooms


A. First thing in the morning, turn on nitrous and oxygen tanks slowly. Change tanks when necessary. Ensure chains are secure and in use tanks are latched in properly.

B. Turn on x-ray and computer

C. When operatory is clean at the end of the day, suck up 1 gal of E Vac. The suctions are located on the dental assistant’s carts in each operatory. Turn the suction valves on/off when evacing.

D. Handpiece clean/sterilize, Always load bags paper side up.

High-speed – Place head down in sink and brush off debris, use wire to unplug holes. All high speeds are then run through the Statim. Attach inside Kavo put start, when completed if the spray is black or dark continue to run until clear.

Low speed Midwest – run on doctor’s cart for 30 seconds. Put 3 drops of oil in base and run for 15 seconds. Place in Statim. Twist off head and lubricate screw, drive shaft and gears.

Low speed – straight sleeves. Leave bur in. Run the same as low speeds. Remove bur then place in Statim.

Latch type contra angle. Treat as low speed. Lubricate only once weekly.

E. Spray all x ray aprons with Dentaphene

F. Check cold sterile container daily.

G. Check water level in autoclave and statim.

H. Change ultrasonic solutions in holding tank and tub.

I. Slow speed motors on doctors cart. It is recommended that twice weekly the head should be removed and 2 drops of oil is dropped in the smaller of the two holes. This oil is in the tiny bottles in the basket of the Statim counter. This is the same oil we use to lubricate when we clean the handpieces. This will keep things from sticking in the nozzle itself.

J. Water bottles in operatories should be thoroughly flushed and rinsed with Clorox every night.

K. Curing lights – checked monthly
1. Check with light meter
2. If bulb needs changes –  a. unscrew cover   b. wipe inside with gauze coated with Cavicide   c. Replace bulb – hold with towel to avoid contact  d. Replace cover
3. Check curing tip for cracks on debris – remove with alcohol wetted 2X2 gauze

L. Everyday clean statim cassettes with Jet Dry – especially edges where it meets the seal.

1. Clean and condition dental chairs and stools. Spray dental chairs and stools with dentophene solution. Leave on until dry.
2. Defrost and clean one refrigerator (alternating) each week.
3. Empty and clean central vacuum separator canisters in the carts in each operatory. To clean the central vacuum solid waste separator, first open the lid, and then pick up the bowl, empty the solid waste into the amalgam can in the C&S area. Then clean the screen by running it under hot water, then replace. Wear heavy yellow gloves while you are doing this maintenance. Extra suction traps are located in the storage closet.
4. Clean the autoclaves. Drain the old water from the autoclave through the drain hole on the bottom of the autoclave. Add cleaner with two quarts of tap water, and run autoclave for 20 minutes. Drain and add two quarts of distilled water and run for 15 minutes. Drain out completely until there are no more bubbles. Clean tray and tray holders with Jet Dri. Fill to line with distilled water.
5. Clean all operatories.
6. Clean the microwaves.
7. Clean exterior of all hoses
8. Clean light Fantastik Shield using only water.
9. Statim. There is a sensor probe at the inside back of the unit. If this probe is bent, we should never try to straighten it. This is very sensitive and can break easily and the whole unit would be totaled. We must make sure we push straight in and not at an angle. Remove the seal in the lid. Use Ivory soap on the seal and wipe soap on the seal and reinsert. This will dry and seal tight. An extra gasket seal is kept in the cabinet above the statim with the small bottle of soap.

Clean autoclave

1. Check N2O rubber goods for leaks with soap solution (spray bottle is in the room)
2. Clean panoramic and cephalometric cassettes with intensifying screen cleaner. The intensifying screen is inside the cassettes, it is the white lining inside. Follow instructions on the cleaner on how to use the cleaner on the screens.
3. Clean chair upholstery. On the newer models of dental chairs, they have upholstery on them. Once a month, the upholstery needs to be cleaned with carpet cleaner, which is stored in the supply closet.

Check utility service center. These are located on the walls in each operatory. The plastic cups should be clean and empty. Fill soap dispensers and paper towels.

Model Trimmer Clean once per month
Remove front cover
Clean off dried plaster and stone
Clean out gray hose
Replace hose and cover

4. Inspect fire extinguisher for up to date inspection dates.
5. Curing lights – Check light intensity once each week and clean using instructions in cleaning kit Shine light onto circle
Pencil the light output on the label on each unit and when you place a new bulb, also record in the curing light logbook
The reading should always be above 300mw /newer curing lights must be above 500mw
6. Put barriers over all x-ray heads and buttons
7. Inspect seal on autoclave for slices or cracks
8. Food and coffee etc…should never be put down sinks that have plaster trap.
9. If a air/water syringe is stuck or leaking, soak in hot water and push buttons and spin buttons.

Distiller Maintenance: FILTER CHANGE – only once every 5 years – serviceman checks when he comes in.

6 month intervals (July & January)

1. Lab handpiece suction (located: ___________)
a. Remove the filter bag
b. Shake out all the dust from the bag
c. Clean out dust in the unit
d. Replace the bag

Yearly duty
Clean overhead light reflector- see manual.

Maintains all equipment effectively and all maintenance sheets are current with dates

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