Thoughts on the Dentrix Business of Dentistry Conference

Thank you to all who attended my presentation From Office Manager to Administrator: Managing a Growing Multi-Provider Practice. I appreciate everyone who stuck with me as we reviewed scheduling, managing goals/bonuses and quality care/financial performance all at 3:30-5:30pm on Saturday afternoon – in Las Vegas!

As I was thinking about my presentation, I realize that there were both some accomplishments and some gaps in the information I shared. From a poll of the attendees, my approach to tracking case acceptance to provide a ‘batting average’ for the dentist was entirely new. As attendees had the opportunity to exchange ideas on dental practice management topics, the energy in the room was palpable. Mine was the only presentation at this conference that provided the opportunity for a ‘roundtables’ exchange and that was definitely a plus.

On the other hand, I was asked by a dentist and a young scheduling coordinator – what is the career path to grow from an office manager into an administrator? Based on the title of my presentation, you’d think I had that all figured out! Well, I do.

Over the last 15 years, I have been hiring and training intelligent, enthusiastic people with zero background in dentistry – and I have developed them into professional dental office managers. How? By using my practice’s dental staff training manuals – a series of training levels that begin with the basics (phone skills, check out patients, schedule appointments) and add new skills step by step to continually advance the career of a dental office manager.

So, to better answer the dentist who recently hired a new office manager with no dental experience – and the scheduling coordinator in a pedo/ortho office who needs an office manager/leader – here is my recommendation on a career path:

  1. Watch my video to learn about how the training manuals were created
  2. To understand the philosophy of this approach – watch the video #1 and video #2 available on YouTube
  3. Sign up to review the content
  4. Participate in a coaching group

When you sign up to gain access to my dental staff training levels, you will receive access to level 1 tasks for secretaries, assistants and hygienists – as well as the level 1 general tasks for all team members (including people skills, etc.) You will also have access to the list of tasks in levels 1-3, so you can see the beginning career progression for dental office managers, dental assistants and hygienists.

As you can see, each task provides detailed information about how and why the task is performed. In my practice, all this material is saved in Word documents – and I am copying each task into this website – so I’m pleased to say level 1 is finished for both secretaries and assistants. I’m about halfway there in adding hygienist tasks as well.  The good news is, beginning at level 1 is a great place to start! It takes 90 days max for a new hire with no dental experience to complete level 1 – and then secretaries can work confidently at the front desk and assistants are well-prepared to move to the chair. So, for all practices with new hires, this is available right now. Even for experienced dental team members, everyone should begin at level 1 – simply to make sure that the basics are covered and everyone is handling basic tasks in the same way.

Dentists, if you’re looking for an organized, efficient way to train your new hires and increase the training for your existing staff – here it is. Dental office managers, assistants, secretaries, if you’re looking for career development – more training to help your practice run more smoothly – and some pay raises to go along with your efforts – here you go. I’m ready to start out a ‘class’ of dental practices who are excited about what a well-trained staff can accomplish.  My hope is to create a coaching group that can talk on regular conference calls/webinars and support each other, with my help, as they begin to implement this unique approach to dental staff training and advancement.

Let’s get started!

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AUTHOR: Jill Nesbitt
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  • Jessica

    I would like to have more information on cost of the program and if I as a dental office all around girl can get the content or does it have to be the dental doctor??

    October 17, 2012