9 Ideas to Fill Your Schedule Now

Dentrix Training for Dental Office Managers

Dentrix Training for Dental Office Managers

Do  you have holes in your schedule?

Let’s move beyond the basics and look at 9 ways to fill your schedule now!

Prophies: Child & Adult

You know this one. Set up your continuing care in Dentrix separately – one for kids, a separate one for adults. This way you can customize the communication. Send kid-themed recall cards or emails to the D1120’s and adult-styled messages to D1110’s.

Perio Maintenance

In Dentrix, you can set up as many continuing care recalls as you can imagine – so set up perio maintenance as a separate code. Again, you want to customize this messaging – no happy face clowns on this recall message – you need to seriously motivate these folks or they’re going to lose their teeth!

Denture Checkup

Think about your full denture patients. Would you like to see them at least once a year to make sure the denture you made for them is still being worn and is comfortable? You will be able to see if there is any rubbing or soft tissue issues going on as well. Granted, you may not want to schedule these folks in your hygiene schedule, but setting up a separate recall system to invite them to come in for a checkup keeps them healthy long term. What code to use for this Dentrix continuing care? You choose – just make sure it’s one that you charge out every time you do a denture – maybe a reline code? This is one area where dental office managers can use their Dentrix training to care for patients.

Yearly Recall

These patients haven’t been in your office for one year – so give them a call and invite them back! You will use the same codes as your original prophy or perio maintenance contacts, but make this one more pointed. These patients have been busy and probably don’t even realize it’s already been one year that they’ve come to visit.

Reactivation Program

Following the logic that it’s easier to bring back a patient who has visited you once rather than finding a new patient- set up a reactivation program based on last visit date. Again, you can customize the communication for each date range your patient hasn’t come in. You can create an entire marketing campaign around these patients – and if you are using an email follow up system like Dentrix eServices or DemandForce, it’s free.

Soft Tissue Management

Every patient your hygienists diagnose for root planing and scaling needs to be tracked to make sure they complete their soft tissue management series. Set up a system to track the code you use when your hygiene team starts a STM series, then you can check monthly to make sure that everyone who starts, also finishes.

Unscheduled Treatment

Dentists, this one’s for you. Using the unscheduled treatment list is the best way to fill a dentist schedule. But don’t just cherry pick when you need to fill a hole. Set up a system so that every week you are following up on these patients – and then work to handle the objections.

Large Case Acceptance

Do you have some complex treatment plans that add up to a substantial amount of money for patients you are working with? Dentists that offer surgery/implants and reconstruction often have a handful of these large cases starting each month. And, a well-trained dental office manager can support these large cases by tracking every patient that starts with a consult. Then, keep track of these patients separately to make sure that they are moving smoothly through their treatment plan. You can track these all the way to a final testimonial to help market new large cases in the future.

Insurance Reminder

Most offices are already doing this one – sending a specific communication to patients who have insurance and an outstanding treatment plan. It works. Be sure to target the treatment plans for codes D2000 and up – you don’t want to invite patients to come in to use benefits when just one x-ray is hanging out in their treatment plan. Plus, give your team heads up so they can handle the phone calls that will flood in after the emails/letters are sent.

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AUTHOR: Jill Nesbitt
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