Dental Staff Training Levels: Quick Start

Train your dental team

Would you like a better trained staff? Wish your front desk team were more efficient and organized? Do you have a new hire that needs to learn the basics? Or, do you have long term staff that would like to learn more to help improve the performance of the practice?

Our online dental staff training levels can help.

Free Trial

Click the link below to start your free trial where you can access all the training materials from level 1 – level 3 for assistants, hygienists and front desk team members plus receive a monthly phone training call to help your team implement the systems into your office. After this free trial, your subscription costs $150/month (per office for those with multiple locations) for access to training plus these monthly training calls for your entire staff.

Once you sign up, I will create and send you a private link to sign in along with your ID and password to access this online training. You can share the private link, ID and Password with each person on your staff. They can get started right away reading all the new ideas and improving your practice. I will call you to learn more about your dental staff training needs to make sure this online program will work for you.

Click this link to begin your free trial:

Free Trial of Training

If you want to have a well-trained staff, this is an inexpensive, yet high value way to provide your team the ideas and systems they need to work smoothly in a dental office. The content is organized into levels and its all online, so its easy to read on a computer, tablet or even phone.