Dental Staff Training: Dental Office Managers

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I can help you:

  • Set up organized systems to fill your schedule, collect from patients and insurance, and everything else!
  • Give you specific Dentrix and EagleSoft instructions – step-by-step and easy to follow
  • Do you need to hire a new team member? Use my orientation plan & know how to make sure they are learning what is needed to help you!
  • Learn to run reports and work with excel so you can share your performance with the dentist & the team
  • Partner with your dentist to run the business side of the practice

What’s included in the Administrative Levels:

Level 1 – Entry level front desk tasks:  Learn phone skills, Basic scheduling in Dentrix & EagleSoft, Checking out a patient at the front desk, HIPAA basics and Tracking new patient referrals

Level 2 – Working confidently at the front desk: Learn how to fill the schedule: monthly & yearly recall call lists, broken appointment list, ASAP list, working with dental insurance, handling emergencies, entering treatment plans, running the huddle

Level 3 – Manages the front desk: Learn how to follow up on unscheduled treatment, responsible for managing the broken appointment system, handles collections and write-offs, enters new insurance plans

Level 4 – Accepts more administrative responsibility: Learn how to run a reactivation program, generates monthly recall cards, Makes financial arrangements, Runs insurance remaining letter program, More insurance training

Level 5 – Even more responsibility: Learn how to manage a collection system, manages schedules, runs referral marketing program, oversees inventory

Level 6-9 Senior level administrative staff

We offer  training for dental assistants and hygienists as well.

And, because without people skills, dental staff can’t work well in a team, handle challenging patients or solve problems – here are the highlighted tasks in the general levels (designed for all staff to develop strong people skills):

What’s included in the General Levels (For all staff)

Level 1 – Entry level: Reads employee manual, Follows OSHA safety program, dresses professionally, Reads “Somebody loves you Mr. Hatch”, Gets along with others

Level 2 – Beginner staff: Understands all dental procedures and can explain to patients, charting and Dentrix/EagleSoft basics, Reads “How to Win Friends and Influence People”, Goes through new patient comprehensive exam, Learns problem solving approach

Level 3 – Well-trained staff: Understands the business side of dentistry, Doesn’t tolerate poor performance, Reads “How to Gain Control of your Time and Life” and “See You at the Top”, Understands dental insurance, Learns decision making approach

Level 4 – Beginning leadership staff: Interviews new staff candidates, Helps train new hires, Learns total quality management concepts, Teamwork training, Helps plan staff events & recognition, Reads 4 books

Level 5 – Team Leaders: Delegates effectively, Becomes team leader, Responsible for orientation of new hires, Controls personal stress

Level 6-9 – Senior staff

Plus, we offer training levels for assistants and hygienists too!

Free 7 day Trial

You can get started today for free! Once you sign up, you will receive a link along with your ID and password to access all level 1-3 materials for administrative team, assistants and hygienists plus the general levels. You can read through every task and watch the videos to start using these new ideas.

Once you sign up, I will call you to walk you through everything so you can make the most of the training.

One decision you need to make is whether you want the content and the monthly phone training for $150 or the content alone for $50. The offices I’ve worked with have found the monthly phone calls super helpful- it’s nice to have someone available to answer questions, walk you through how these ideas can work in your office – and since we contact you to set up a call each month, this serves as a great reminder to stay organized and not fall off the wagon!

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Just think for a minute how helpful it would be to have an organized, typed up system for the tasks you are handling every day? How much more work could you get accomplished if everyone on the team were trained – and you had a step-by-step system to follow?

Estimate the $ Value

Imagine you need to hire a new front desk team member – normally, you might spend the first full week (call it 34 hours) of a new hire’s hours explaining each and every thing you do plus showing how the dental software works to this new hire. Over the next several weeks, you will continue to hand hold this new staff person to learn how things are done in your office – all the while, you are getting further and further behind in your own work. – Let’s value your time wasted at $20/hr, for the first month, we’ll say your time spent was $1,280.

What if you had an organized front desk training orientation plan that allowed your new hire to do some training on her own – and then you oversee this training and answer her questions?

Wouldn’t that save you a ton of time?

Next, let’s say you are having a problem filling the schedule – and you have done everything you can. What if you had access to several new ideas  – along with the step by step instructions to run reports, contact patients and track your success in a variety of methods? How successful could you be at filling the schedule now?  – Let’s value filling the doc schedule an additional 4-5 hours/week and filling 1 hour/day of the hygiene schedule – we’ll estimate the value of this at $11,600.

Same story for handling collections – as dental practices grow and add associate dentists, it can become difficult for the billing/insurance staff person to keep up with all the work! Suddenly you realize you are behind on sending statements and your outstanding insurance claims list is growing. What if you had step-by-step instructions for handling insurance and collections – so you could break the tasks apart and get some help to catch up? How much more could you collect in insurance and personal payments? – Let’s value the additional collections at $5,000.

If we add up each of these estimates:

  • $1,280 for new hire training
  • $11,600 for filling the schedule
  • $5,000 in additional collections

= $17,880

This is a lot. Even if you only accomplished half this amount thanks to additional training and support would significantly improve your practice.

Since we have worked with this approach for over 20 years, we know how successful it is. And we want to share it. So, we want to make this dental staff training program inexpensive and easy.

The easy part comes from all this training being available online. No need to print hundreds of pages or download hours of podcasts. Just receive an ID and Password to access the training materials on your computer, iPad or phone. The inexpensive part comes from providing this training on a subscription basis at just $150/month. For $150/month you can train your entire staff through all the level 1 – 3 material.

As the dental office manager, you will need to get approval from your dentist to subscribe to this training program. I understand. Please share with your dentist the free resource materials you downloaded and share your thoughts about this online training program and how you plan to use this to grow your skills and improve the performance of the office. And, I’m happy to answer any questions your dentist may have. 

To begin your 7 day free trial now:

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If it would help, I would be happy to talk with your dentist to explain how the online access and the monthly phone calls will be worthwhile. And, if you have questions about how this might work for you, feel free and give me a call! I look forward to helping you develop your skills and enjoy more success with your practice!

All the best,