What I learned at AADOM Dentrix Training

Thanks to Jason McKnight from Dentrix for the Advanced Dentrix Training class at the AADOM conference! This half day class reviewed the Practice Advisor and Daily Huddle Reports in detail so we can fully utilize them in the practice and improve our dental practice management. Before this class, I was using an abbreviated Daily Huddle Report and not using the Practice Advisor report at all. After investing 4 hours to dig deeper into these 2 reports, I learned the following:

Be open to new reports

Jason gave a perfect example – before digging into the Practice Advisor report he mentioned the Office Manager Letters report. I have used the Letters report for years and although it looks complex, I know it inside and out. So, even though the Practice Advisor report looks complex now, once I get to know it, I may like it just as well.

Use reports to think about your practice

When is the last time you spent 4 hours on just 2 reports from your dental practice management software? With this time, I had the opportunity to really consider what this report could tell me and how I can use this data to understand and improve the practice.

The Practice Advisor could be used by a consultant

At the AADOM conference I heard several office managers mention that they have a standing relationship with a dental consultant. From Jason’s analysis of the data available in the Practice Advisor he could tell the type of practice and what numbers seemed out of line. As dental consultants look for a way to quickly analyze a practice, this is a valuable solution.

Customize your Key Performance Indicators

Dentrix pre-loads the Practice Advisor with benchmark data. Intended to give you a head start, instead, I felt intimidated by these so-called benchmarks and then just stayed away from this report altogether. By realizing this data was meant to be customized, I am much more comfortable using this report.

Look at the results

As Jason reviewed the numbers provided in these reports, I realized that my team is looking up one of these patient lists every day in a manual search. I may be able to save time by checking the correct box on the Daily Huddle report and allowing the software to gather this data automatically.

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AUTHOR: Jill Nesbitt
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