Training your new hire dental secretary using Dentrix On-Demand Training

Hire a new dental secretary

It’s that time again in my practice – time to hire a new secretary.  Oh the joys of interviewing, hiring, orientation and training!

The good news is that we have our hiring process down to a science. Even better news, it’s run by the staff, so the dentists just have to meet and interview the candidates when they’re in for an observation – the staff takes care of the rest.

One major improvement we’ve implemented is to take full advantage of the Dentrix On-Demand Training program in our orientation and staff training. Since we pay for technical support, we have access to Dentrix’s online tutorials and webinars, and we can share these with our new hires to help them get up to speed learning Dentrix quickly.

Here’s how we use the Dentrix On-Demand Training with our new hire dental secretaries:

  • We have created a one page document that gives instructions to log in to the Dentrix website and how to find the list of topics in the On Demand Training tab.
  • We give this document to our new hires in their orientation packet.
  • Some new hires are super-motivated and they tell me on their first day that they’ve already been online and checked out a few tutorials!
  • We incorporate specific tutorials into our first 2 weeks of training . So, before I have an existing secretary sit down with a new hire and review scheduling, the new hire will take the online tutorial first.

With our step by step training, our new hire secretary with no dental background should be able to schedule dental cleanings and emergency visits by the end of her first week. As soon as she can schedule a cleaning, she is a help to the rest of the team. I coach my staff to hand off calls to the new hire for scheduling (especially a picky Mom scheduling appointments for her sporty children!) because that saves my existing team time – and gives the new hire a sense of accomplishment. Plus, since the new hire isn’t answering phones until the second week after we’ve done some phone skills training, it allows the team to cherry pick the calls that the new hire can handle properly – keeping everyone happy.

I do wish there was a shot full of dental staff training that I could give to all new hires – before they start! But, using Dentrix’s On-Demand Training and my training level system, makes this process as straightforward and easy as possible. Here’s to well trained staff for the new year!

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AUTHOR: Jill Nesbitt
  • Dena French

    I have over 30 years of dental office experience as an RDA,EFDA and Office Manager in an office in Southern Indiana. After the passing of my Doctor, I find myself looking for a new job in Tennessee.
    I have used Easy Dental,Athena and Curve dental software. I have found that most offices in the Nashville area use Dentrix software which I am not familiar with. I would like to get a heads up and some tutorials on the software so I can say to an interviewing office that I have some knowledge of the software and be looked at as a potential employee. Do you have any suggestions on where I can find this online? I have found some on youtube. I find that if I can go into a site for this that they all are pretty much the same but I would still like to see and try it online.
    Thanks so much,
    Dena French

    August 5, 2014
    • Dena,
      Great question. Unfortunately, I haven’t found Dentrix training available at no fee online.

      With your excellent background, you’ll have no problem catching on to Dentrix once you’re in an office. In fact, you might ask if they pay for technical support/upgrades through Dentrix. If they do, you can use that office’s ID to log onto and you can go through the OnDemand training there. Its very helpful.

      Feel free to connect with me on Linked In – then I can get in touch with you if I hear about an opportunity.

      Best wishes,

      August 11, 2014
  • Hi Jill, I live in Phoenix Az. I have several years of back office and front office insurance coordinating and treatment planning but do not know Dentrix. Most dentists will not hire without this experience. I have softdent and eaglesoft and TDO Endo software experience but still to no avail able to find a job without having that Dentrix. Knowledge. What would be your suggestion and why are they not more open to allowing personnel to learn in office with tutorials? Amy

    April 5, 2017