Setting up a new dentist in the Dentrix schedule

Add a new dentist to your dental group practice

In my practice, we are thrilled to be adding a third GP dentist. With our 4 specialists, this will make 7 dentists under one roof! One of the most important pieces of helping our new dentist get settled into the practice is setting up his schedule in Dentrix.

Each of our dentists has his or her own page in the Dentrix appointment book. Our secretary training includes the list of each dentist and which F key to use to find their schedule. To give you a sense of how we have this organized for our group:

  • F1 – General dentist – with columns for the dentist, anesthetic and his EFDA
  • F2 – General dentist – with columns for the dentist, anesthetic and his EFDA
  • F3 – Our newest general dentist – set up the same way
  • F4 – 3 Hygienists – one column for each RDH
  • F5 – Orthodontist – 6 columns for exams, rechecks, banding, etc.
  • F6 – Periodontist – with columns for the dentist, anesthetic and rechecks
  • F7 – Pediatric dentist – with columns for the dentist, anesthetic and preventive care
  • F8 – Oral surgeon – with columns for the dentist, anesthetic and his EFDA

We use block scheduling to show the open times for each of these providers. We set up 2 blocks per column so we can automatically set the hours each day and reserve time for lunch. Since our general dentists work two evenings/week their hours are different every other day, so block scheduling makes our approach very visual and easy to see where the open times are.

As the secretary team talks with patients, they switch between pages to find the opening for the correct team. Often, we schedule patients with multiple providers – so a patient could get their teeth cleaned and get an ortho checkup in one visit. When this occurs, we note in the appointment “coming from . . .” and “going to . . .” to make sure the patient doesn’t leave and miss their second appointment!

The variety of providers also helps to fill schedules. One of my favorite tricks is to search the ortho schedule for patients who need a cleaning (actually we search all the specialists schedules for this). In case of a last minute opening, we also will do our famous walkaround to invite parents or family members to take advantage of already being here to jump in the chair.

There are many ways to set up Dentrix schedules, if you have an approach that works especially well for you, please share a comment below! Thanks!

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AUTHOR: Jill Nesbitt
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