Make the most of the Dentrix booth at the Chicago MidWinter meeting

Are you planning to attend the Chicago MidWinter meeting next week? If so, you’re probably gathering extra business cards, printing course materials and checking the weather (no blizzard in the forecast so far). To make the most of your trip, here are a few recommendations for visiting the Dentrix booth:

Before you leave:
1. Check the version of Dentrix you’re running
2. Think about your day-to-day work in Dentrix – is there anything you’re struggling with? Perhaps you would like a different clinical notes setup? Or you would like to set up your schedule differently? Write down or even print a page you want to discuss.
3. Ask your assistants – what is one thing they struggle with? Have them write it down or print a page for their question as well.
4. Ask your hygienists – how are they doing with perio charting? Again, write down their question.
5. Ask your office manager – how are the insurance estimates going? Any other concerns? Again, print the pages & write down the questions.

At the show:
1. Ask for a Dentrix trainer (you can spend $100/hour to invite a trainer to your office – this is a great opportunity to talk with them for no extra fee!)
2. Review your questions from each team – take notes of their ideas.
3. Ask to see a demo of their new G5 update – this is just for fun to see what’s new!

A few years ago I attended an ADA conference and spent time with a Dentrix trainer who helped me restructure how our practice managed it’s insurance plans. I just knew there had to be a better way – and the brilliant fellow I spoke with helped me in just 20 minutes (thanks to my detailed notes) to go back to the office and make changes that saved our insurance manager literally hours every day. This one idea easily paid for the trip for the owner dentist and myself in thousands of dollars of staff salary saved.

I encourage every Dentrix user to head over to the booth at Chicago (or any meeting you’re attending) to learn new ways to manage your practice more efficiently.

For more ideas to improve the business-side of your dental practice:

AUTHOR: Jill Nesbitt
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