Dentrix has a New Attitude

I’ve been a Dentrix user for 15 years and in all that time I’ve seen Dentrix keep a pretty tight lid on their database. Ages ago when we were planning to buy a digital x-ray system, we found that almost no one was allowed to create a “bridge” to Dentrix’s data. At the time, we certainly understood that Dentrix couldn’t possibly allow all vendors access to its database and in fact, we saw the limited companies that did have a bridge as somewhat “Dentrix approved” simply because they were allowed access.

Times have changed.

Dentrix has a new attitude of openness. With their G5 update they are opening the door to a new kind of partnership with vendors that would like to create programs specifically for Dentrix customers. Similar to the iTunes concept, Dentrix is creating partnerships with vendors and then sharing links to these vendors through the Dentrix website. You can see the existing partnerships on the website if you click on the What’s new in G5 link.

Dentrix’s new attitude could open the door to some really new, cool applications tailor-made for practices just like ours. I can imagine all sorts of specialty applications that could become available – perhaps multiple choices on how our statements or ledgers might print? Perhaps some cool variations for treatment plans? Perhaps the ability to play angry birds while documenting clinical notes? Okay, as the office manager I have to drop that last one but in general, the more choices I have, the more I can customize my communications with patients.

Cheers to more openness and more choice! Cheers to the smart vendors and people that will create cool new applications that will make our practices run more efficiently, save us time and maybe make our day-to-day tasks more fun!

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AUTHOR: Jill Nesbitt
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  • Brian Schaefer

    Not so fast. Dentrix has opened up read access to database, but if you want write access to the same database, you have to be part of the Schein umbrella. Ask anyone who uses Lighthouse for their appt confirmations. G5 will no longer allow Lighthouse to mark appts confirmed in Dentrix.

    This kind of Schein corporate decision making not only hurts Lighthouse, but more importantly, it damages each and every dentrix user who has come to depend upon Lighthouse to improve appt confirmation efficiency. Schein has decided that their corporate pocketbook is more important than their dentrix users. That is unacceptable, and will not go unnoticed with any prospective Dentrix purchaser.

    March 15, 2012