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I attended the Hinman Dental Meeting this Spring and was impressed by the quality videos created by the Crisp Video Group. In talking with the owner, Michael, we agreed on the power of online marketing to drive new patients, especially video marketing. Since they offer video creation and marketing services across the country, they have some great information for any dental practice considering video marketing.
Video marketing can be a daunting task for many dental practices.  The time and financial investment can be a turnoff for smaller practices, but in this day and age, video is crucial to growing your brand and finding new patients online.  The good news is, when handled the right way, video can bring massive returns on investment and enhance your online marketing in many ways!

Search Engines

Managing a YouTube channel is a great way to kill two birds with one stone.  Your YouTube channel can become almost like a second website for your practice where patients can go to learn more about you or dentistry in general.  YouTube is the second largest search engine on the web behind Google, and people all over the world use it for more than just watching cute cat videos.  They go to YouTube to learn.  What’s more is that Google, of course, owns YouTube.  So they reward brands who are using their platform for video by giving ranking preference to YouTube.

So let’s say you have a video about the process behind invisalign braces, like the example above.  You upload it to YouTube and you upload it to your website.  With proper optimization, when someone in your area searches for information about invisalign braces, your video on YouTube and on your website can show up in the search results, giving you two out of ten positions on the first page!  In short, video is a great way to generate massive traffic through search engines.

Brand Authority

Video is one of the best ways to set your brand apart from the herd.  You can easily and effectively convey your expertise, your personality, and why you deserve a new patient’s business.


A strategy we recommend to our clients is to answer their patients’ most frequently asked questions in video format.  As I mentioned above, people love to learn through video.  By releasing a stream of new, educational content, you prove to searchers and search engines that you are there to provide knowledge to anyone looking for it.  Both your audience and Google will reward a company that takes the time to provide new, educational content on a regular basis.  Pair this strategy with keyword research and you can create an influx of new, targeted traffic to your website.

Patient Testimonials

Your own patients can be your best salespeople.  Invite them to come to your office and interview them about their experience.  Ask them what they like about your practice, and how you have positively affected their lives.  Make sure you gather testimonials from people who match your target market, and you will build trust for the types of patients you want to see more of!


A study by Aberdeen has shown that the average website converts at about 2.6%.  Videos that integrate a high quality videos on their website can increase their conversion to nearly 10%!  Video builds trust and rapport, and engages new viewers.  In addition to the spike in conversion, video adds an average of two minutes to any given viewer’s time on a site.


A great video will pay for itself over and over.  You can calculate an estimated return on investment by taking a look at your current analytics.  Find out how many visitors you get every month, and divide that number by 10 to find your estimated conversion rate.  Multiply that number by 12 to get your new patients every year.  Multiply that by your average patient value and voila!  That number will tell you how much you can expect to receive from your video if your current conditions remain exactly the same.  But remember: Video is proven to change your rankings for the better.  So you can expect that number to be even higher.  Finally that number will just show you the first year.  That video will continue to bring in new, qualified, engaged leads for as long as it stays on your website!

How to Create High Quality Video

The trick to achieving the maximum ROI on video marketing is by hiring the right video partner.  I don’t recommend taking this on by yourself.  The same study by Aberdeen has shown that low quality video can possibly even hurt your conversion rate.  Your video is a reflection of your brand.  So make sure you hire a partner that has a proven track record with not only video production, but video marketing.  Get their quote, and calculate the return you can expect to see.  I’m confident you will see that video is always worth the investment.

If you want my recommendation, check out Crisp Dental Video.  They work with more dentists nationally than any other company.  They are a proven partner that will handle every step of the process for you so you can focus on running your practice.  Finally, they are invested in their clients’ success.  Their involvement goes beyond video creation, and they help ensure your videos are properly optimized and integrated online.


Using video marketing for your group is just one way to run a successful dental practice. If you’re interested in new ideas on running a dental practice, please subscribe to my weekly blog. One of the biggest challenges to managing a dental practice is managing dental insurance. With dental insurance handled, then dental marketing for new patients becomes a primary focus. In today’s day of online reviews, handling patient complaints well is essential. As your practice grows, hiring dental staff becomes more important. With 18+ years of dental practice management experience, I’m open to your questions to help you run a successful dental office.

AUTHOR: Jill Nesbitt
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