The State of Dental Office Manager Training

The state of dental office manager training

After a 5 month break . . .


I have been blogging regularly about dental office manager training since 2011 – and I took a 5 month break to take a step back and really look at the state of this field and how my products/services were actually serving others. Here are my observations about dental office manager training:

  • Online dental training is still in the early adopter phase as a solution for our team members. We will continue to see this approach grow and expand in our field because it just makes sense – train on your own time, learning what you need at low levels of expense.
  • Most team members feel they do not have enough training to do their job well. This is often based on a sense that they don’t know the software well enough – and no one receives any formal training, so there’s really no one to ask.
  • The volume of new features in our dental software, plus new programs our offices purchase lead to a constant state of catch up – there’s just not enough time for team members to learn what’s new. Much less apply these new ideas into the practice.
  • Staffing changes in our offices keep us constantly on our toes – how does a longer term team member have time to focus on her own learning, when new hires are constantly coming in and they need trained – and their training takes priority. Everything always feels like an emergency.


So, my online dental staff training was designed to provide a comprehensive dental staff training program that begins with a new hire and continues for the life of each team member, including all clinical and administrative team members. Organized into levels, this training approach has been used to establish systems in several offices to make sure that the necessary tasks in dental offices are completed and tracked for success.


However, just having all this content available can feel like someone has placed an entire set of encyclopedias in front of you and said, “Here you go!” It can feel overwhelming and since we’re all pressed for time, we just never get started.


To solve this problem – I plan to create online courses using this comprehensive training content. This will provide the best of both worlds – building on training content that has been successfully used for 30+ years to train dental staff and organized into manageable, interactive courses that can be completed in a reasonable period of time with specific benefit.


I have invested in a Learning Management System to create these online courses – and as they are ready, I will share them with you. The first one in development now is all about Hiring Dental Staff. This course will allow the entire hiring process to be managed by the team – and it provides specific examples and free downloads to help you each step of the way.


If you’re interested in previewing this online course or have ideas/suggestions about how to make this new direction even more valuable to your office, please email me.


I also intend to begin blogging again to share ideas and helps for dental practice management – practical, how to’s that can be immediately applicable in your office. I hope these tips are valuable for you. If you are battling a specific challenge in your practice, please feel free to send me a message and I’d be happy to focus my blog to address your question.


So, here’s to a fresh start, the start of online dental staff training courses to help to improve the quality of care we provide to patients, support we give to each other internally and long term financial success for the practice and the team.


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If you’re managing a dental practice and want organized systems for easier dental staff training, then check out my Collections System and how to Set Up a Recall System. Once these internal systems are in place, you may want to focus on marketing with a system for New Patient Referral Tracking and handling patient complaints.

And, if you’re interested in a comprehensive approach to run your dental practice and train your team, visit Dental Staff Training Levels.

AUTHOR: Jill Nesbitt
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