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Sad story for one of the offices I have worked with: I received a call to train a new hire on dental insurance because the front Study Materials Levels 1-5desk manager, who is one of the nicest people on the planet, had a stroke! In fact, she had a stroke while working in the dental practice and thankfully, the staff realized what was happening and quickly got her to a hospital. She is recovering now.  In this solo practice, this front desk manager was the only one who really entered insurance, answered the phones or checked out patients, so the office was in a panic!

The one bright spot for the practice was that they had recently hired a part time front desk person to help and since this person worked in medical offices she was comfortable with the concepts of dentistry, she just needed some specific software training and to learn more about the treatments provided.

This was the second time in a week that I was asked to train a new front desk staff person with medical office experience.

So, do you have a new hire in your practice that came from medical?

I love a medical office background in my dental front desk staff. These new hires understand the concept of insurance, they “get it” when we talk about how the employer chooses the plans and the patient can complain about their coverage to the HR department. They know how to read an EOB and they understand the write off for the insurance withhold.

At the same time, these new hires know that the dental practice management software is the key to working successfully in the office and they know how important it is to enter the data correctly, and they need to understand the logic behind each click of the mouse. So, if you have recently hired  a front desk staff person from the medical office world, you may be interested in a resource to help bring them up to speed quickly and properly.

Dental staff training levels

This online training resource is a great fit for the new hire with medical office experience. In Secretary level 1, the list of tasks serves as a step by step guide for conversations in the dental office, “How do we do that here?” This helps the new hire front desk staff to get settled and learn the basics of dental front desk work quickly. Then, moving into General level 2 this new hire can learn the language of dentistry so she can begin to understand the procedures offered in the practice and talk intelligently with patients about their treatment.

The training resources continue with instructions on answering the phones, entering dental insurance payments, handling financial arrangements and following up on recall and unscheduled treatment. Since the tasks are written for both the how to do this task and the why this task is important perspectives, a smart dental office manager can use this material to substantially improve the performance of her practice.

So, if you have a recent new hire at your front desk and would like to provide her the training to get her up to speed, please feel free to click here to learn more.

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