A new resource to run a successful dental practice

Have you recently switched to Dentrix software? Or have you changed from a production to collection model? Or are you wondering about what reports to run? There is a new resource available to provide specific coaching for your dental practice – using your data and a trained consultant to provide you the support you need to accomplish your goals.

Called Dentrix Profitability Coaching dental consultants call you to talk through your practice goals and then identify the reports needed to reveal your current performance and create a plan to improve. The full program offers 7 phone calls at one hour each for $1575 total, or each call costs $225. During these calls, the consultant will connect with your computer remotely so together you can look at your schedule, run reports and talk about what is happening in your practice today.

At the end of each coaching call, follow up steps (yes, homework) will be determined. This makes the most of your one hour call when you make the changes in your practice that were recommended – and the next month during your phone call, your consultant will run the report again to see how you’ve done! Depending on the call topic, you’re welcome to invite your team to listen in, so they can “hear it from the horse’s mouth”. Also, if you’re currently working with another consultant, they are welcome to participate in the call or receive a recording to make sure they’re kept in the loop.

This Profitability Coaching seems to be a nice fit between low cost and high value. The consultant will obviously be well-versed in Dentrix and with the option to pay per phone call, the $225 is less expensive than a Dentrix trainer 4 hour minimum.  For dentists interested in seeing their return on investment, using the data from their own practice and seeing their own reports will show the dentist in black and white how the practice is performing. With real numbers, dentists can see exactly what is going on – and when they make changes with staff – they can see what results they achieve.

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AUTHOR: Jill Nesbitt
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