Recruiting specialists by offering the choice to be chartless

We are recruiting a new specialist for our group. To help this dentist see the benefits of joining our practice, I created a one page flyer with photos of the practice and a bulleted list of the advantages he will receive through his association. One of the bullets reads:

  • Charts or chartless – you choose

This is a real selling point for a one day/week specialist. We use Dentrix dental practice management software for the general dentists, periodontist, orthodontist and pediatric dentist now – and some dentists prefer charts, while others prefer to be chartless. By giving my new specialist the choice, he can establish his style of practice right away.

 If the specialist chooses to work with charts, then we will decide if he wants to simply add his forms to our existing GP charts (often easier since the health history is right there) or if he prefers an entirely separate chart. In the past, we have purchased red charts (pediatrics), blue charts (ortho) and maintained the GPs (including perio and oral surgery forms) as manila. 

 The only guidelines for our dentists that prefer a chartless practice style – they must set up their own clinical notes (nobody does it better) and establish a system for reviewing & signing the health history (we love the document center for this). Then, I will pop quiz the dentist after his first day and a week later to check for signatures on health histories & comprehensive clinical notes. This helps everyone (dentist & team) get off to a smooth start.

The last 2 specialists that joined our group elected for a chartless practice style. One is fully chartless, as an orthodontist with relatively fewer new patients, we scan and save the health histories in the Dentrix document center. Our pediatric dentist is about 95% chartless, with the broad volume of children he sees, we still pull charts for him to check health histories, but he does all documentation in the Dentrix clinical notes. It’s been a great set up for each of them – and nice to allow them to choose.

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AUTHOR: Jill Nesbitt
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  • Spring Dental

    It’s an wonderful step to recruit a new specialist dentist for your group.It will help out your group and associates perfectly i believe.

    October 30, 2011