Re-evaluating your work style

We’re changing offices – my accounting person, my insurance manager and my daily deposit person are all moving to new offices in our building. With a new tenant deciding last minute they needed a bit more space, the remodeling noise alone has driven 2 of these staff to find a quiet place to work. Nothing like carrying your files and paperwork with you as you hunt for an unused computer to make staff hate change.

As the office manager, I am first of all, apologizing for the late notice of all this change. It would have been far kinder to give them a heads up early so they had some time to process why this change is necessary. So, I’m empathizing as my staff is agonizing about whether they can keep or do they have to get rid of certain pieces of furniture or an old, yet well-understood printer.

As they work through the physical changes (and I get my IT company to relocate all the computers, printers, network connections) the real opportunity for each of them is to reconsider their work style. With our copier/printer/scanner and our comfort level with the Dentrix Document Center, each of these team members is thinking about what paperwork they need to bring to their new office in an entirely different way. For example, my accounting person is also responsible for managing our employee benefits programs. She not only runs payroll but also works with these vendors to make sure the 401k and payroll are handled correctly. In the past, she has maintained a large file on each of these vendors – saving correspondence and other printed materials. Now that she is moving her office she is realizing that she can scan & save her entire file and have it accessible through our network. Since she works part time in the practice, she also will be access this material remotely.

This significant change to her work style is helping her to see this office relocation as an opportunity to reassess how she works. We are excited to review a new way she can work perhaps more efficiently, certainly with less physical storage needed and hopefully as an example to others in the office.

So, how do you work?

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AUTHOR: Jill Nesbitt
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