Perfect Attendance – Reward what you value

Do you reward your staff for having perfect attendance? This is low hanging fruit for a way to reward the behavior you want to see in your staff. Perfect Attendance Award

What happens in your office when your assistant doesn’t show up? Do you have a backup who can step in so you can maintain your schedule, or do you have to cancel patients? How does your practice run when your secretary is out? Who answers the phone and collects from the patients at the front desk? If you want your days to flow more smoothly, setting up a reward for perfect attendance can work like a charm.

The first thought for rewards goes straight to money, but even a small monetary amount can motivate your staff. How you present this reward makes a big difference – don’t just hand your winner a check in the hallway. Take advantage of your first full staff meeting of the year to announce your winner – ask her to stand up and then say some nice things about not just her perfect attendance, but also how much her reliability has meant to you personally. (You win if your staff person tears up with emotion!) Then, you give her a small hug (or official handshake) and then hand her the check. Start clapping – and everyone else will too. Who wouldn’t want to be in this limelight?

Perhaps you’re thinking, I can’t afford any more financial outlay thanks to this economy the last few years. Well then, get creative. Our schools have been rewarding students for perfect attendance for years. Most of the school rewards are not financial – the kids earn a special certificate or a first prize trophy.

To get the most out of your perfect attendance reward – review each quarter the names of the staff that are still eligible. The ones that are left standing as the months roll by are going to be more motivated to maintain their perfect attendance record. As you get to your December busy season, this will pay off in spades.

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AUTHOR: Jill Nesbitt
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