Let’s fill the chairs for fall (aka the insurance remaining letter)

So – are you deep into the fall slump? Hits dentistry every year like clockwork when the kids go back to school and families have taken their summer vacation, no one wants to miss work or school to come to the dentist. We plan for this time of the year by encouraging staff and dentists to take September vacations and by watching schedules and finishing up early as needed. However, instead of just cutting back, now is the perfect time for an added boost of dental marketing.

One of our regular fall dental marketing programs is to send the ‘Insurance Remaining letter’. This letter reminds people that they have dental insurance benefits that will expire if unused – so if you have an outstanding treatment plan, why not take advantage of your benefits? One significant key to success is finding the right patients to receive this letter. In Dentrix, I can use the Office Managers, Letters functionality to lookup patients with a treatment plan for specific codes – and I usually choose one of the first restorative codes in the 2000 series up to the oral surgery 7000 series. By excluding the diagnostic/preventive and ortho codes I avoid sending this letter to someone who only one xray in their treatment plan.

On top of the outstanding treatment plan, I also include in the lookup at least $50 of insurance benefits remaining. I also include all active patients. Then we merge the letter and my staff enjoys the next several days of folding & stuffing!

This communication with your patients helps to motivate patients who know they need to come in but have been putting it off. We usually send this communication both as a letter and as an email to try to fill our schedules and maintain hours for the staff in the fall. Here’s hoping this dental management technique works for you also!

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AUTHOR: Jill Nesbitt
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