How I use Dentrix to manage my group practice

As the office manager for a 6 dentist, 20 staff, 18 operatory dental practice, I am responsible for the business-side of the practice. When I was hired (almost 15 years ago!) my first task was to select the best dental practice management software for our practice – and after an exhaustive review, we chose Dentrix. On top of the basics of scheduling, billing/insurance and treatment planning, we use Dentrix to help us make management decisions.

Management decisions, such as:

  • Should we increase or reduce the hours our hygienist is working?
  • How much money should we invest in marketing?
  • Which insurance plan should we sign up for?  

Thanks to Dentrix, I can run reports to find measures of our performance on just about any topic we can think up – and then we can track our performance to find trends. Once we know our performance, we can set goals for the teams – and then track to see how we’re doing. Often, we establish an incentive bonus attached to a goal – now the team is even more motivated to accomplish it!

For example, at the beginning of this year, our Orthodontist set a case acceptance goal. His goal is to start 75% of his new patients who were ready for treatment. I use Dentrix to run a report to find the names of the patients who were charged out for the D8000 Ortho Initial exam and then we check their ledgers to see how many actually started treatment. We run this report each month. Thanks to just this one report, our Orthodontist can make several management decisions:

  1. Do I need to congratulate or coach my team to improve performance?
  2. Am I happy with the total number of new patients? If not, is it time for a marketing program?
  3. What type of starts are these? Adults? Children? Phase I? Invisalign? In which type of cases am I being successful? Which case presentations do I need to improve?

You can see how a dental practice can use Dentrix in hundreds of ways to support decision making. We are only limited by our imagination!

And, if you are working in a multi-location group practice, you may be interested to read how one group increased its profits over $500,000 in just one year:
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AUTHOR: Jill Nesbitt
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  • Winnipeg Dentists

    It is a nice thing to know that there are people or group of people that are conducting group practice that involves dental and oral coaching. You have a very unique ideas to manage a group. Of course dealing with other people requires an open mind. And that’s what I got from you.

    August 2, 2011