Close to 1/2 year – are you on track to meet your goals?

I assume you have goals – written down, measurable, deadline driven, goals. At the minimum – you have a goal for what you would like to produce this year, right? Collections as well? How about a new patient goal? Overhead? Recall rate? Case Acceptance?

Okay, I’ll admit it – I’m a statistics girl. Love the numbers. I actually enjoy running end of month to find out how we did on all our goals. It’s like getting a report card in school. And, here we are, mid-June – just a couple weeks away from the halfway point of the year – a great time to take a look at all your goals to see if you’re on track or not.

Here are a few reports in Dentrix to run to see how you’re doing:

  • To find production & collection: Provider A/R Totals – Choose your provider and the time frame (January 1st – June 30th) and it will show you gross production less adjustments as well as collection less adjustments. Take your results for each and double them to see if you’re on track to achieve your production and collection goals.
  • To find new patients: Office manager, Letters, then choose one to edit – Search first visit date (again January 1st – June 30th) in the patient filters and checkmark the boxes for any info you want to find out. At the least you will see how many new patients you have coming into your practice – again, double that number to see if you’re on track with your goal.
  • Overhead – this one you have to run out of your accounting software. Run your income statement to find every expense for the half year and compare this to your collection number out of Dentrix. How does this compare to last full year’s %?
  • You get the idea. When you are more advanced, you can really use the Dentrix Office Manager – Letters module to find out almost everything you could want to know about your practice performance this half year. To give you a sample, here are some of the measures I will be evaluating:
  • Hygiene – production, commitments, STM production, perio maintenance recall
  • Assistants – pop quiz results on consent forms & medical alerts, production for our EFDAs, $ spent on nitrous/oxygen
  • Secretaries – recall success %, amount sent to the collections agency, unfilled hours for RDH and DDS, CareCredit usage
  • GPs & Specialists – production, collection, case acceptance, and then procedure code tracking so they can identify trends in procedure type
  • Vendors – amount spent with the top 10
  • Marketing – new patients from each referral source, insurance company ROI and new patients/active patients

If you would like to see stronger reporting on your practice in order to improve your decision-making, just contact me. I would be happy to help you (and your office manager) to set up a regular system for reports in your practice.

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AUTHOR: Jill Nesbitt
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