How to Centralize your Dental Group Practice Operations

How to Centralize your Dental Group Practice Operations

I am excited to have been invited to create a webinar for Dental Learning to dig into the subject of group dental practice operations.




Here’s the course description:

Designed for dentist owners of multiple offices, this webinar focuses on establishing systems and processes to organize the operations of group dental practices. We walk through the creation of a financial and operations dashboard with recommendations on how your team can take responsibility for running each system and documenting results.

To give you the insider secrets that will be shared in this webinar, here’s what I’m going to review:

Set up your P&L

Far too many multi-location group practice owner dentists are relying on a bank account balance to know how their business is performing. You deserve to know the expenses and profitability for each office so you can make better decisions. To accomplish that, I recommend creating a profit and loss statement by class. By investing the time to design a P&L statement that groups your similar expenses and shows your total expense and profits for each location, you will be able to have an accurate measure of the financial performance of your offices.

Create Consolidated Tracking

When you’re running several offices, it can be difficult to get the information you need to make good management decisions. To solve that problem, create a shared document for consolidated tracking and ask each office manager to contribute her results. By requiring this at end of month, there are several benefits ranging from increased consistency for accomplishing each task that goes into the tracking document, each office seeing the others’ performance and identifying opportunities for successful offices to train struggling ones.

Establish Systems & Processes

For consistent, quality results you need to have organized systems and processes in your practice. I review the top 5 systems in dentistry and how to run reports to statistically track the performance of each one. As part of this webinar, I share two short videos to show how Dentrix Ascend allows reports to pull valuable data into excel so you can manipulate it to make it easier to work. The top 5 systems include:

  • New patients / Referrals
  • Production / Collection and Staff Compensation
  • Hygienist Performance
  • Recall / Unscheduled Treatment
  • Aging / Insurance


If you are the owner or administrator for a multi-location dental group practice, this webinar is targeted directly at you. With a focus on operations and including reference articles to dig deeper into topics like the impact adjustments have on your numbers and the Baldrige Quality award for Health Care, this webinar is designed to help you manage your offices with a consistent approach and tracked results. To take this webinar now: Centralize your Group Practice Operations


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If you’re managing a dental practice and want organized systems for easier dental staff training, then check out my Collections System and how to Set Up a Recall System. Once these internal systems are in place, you may want to focus on marketing with a system for New Patient Referral Tracking and handling patient complaints.

And, if you’re interested in a comprehensive approach to run your dental practice and train your team, visit Dental Staff Training Levels.

AUTHOR: Jill Nesbitt
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