Block scheduling in Dentrix

One of the popular methods to improve production is block time scheduling. The idea is to reserve time in your schedule for specific types of appointments, to make sure you have time for them. Some offices reserve time for crown & bridge, some for new patients and some for certain periodontal procedures in the hygiene schedules. No matter what type of appointment you choose, block scheduling helps set the priority for your secretary to schedule the treatment you prefer.

Dentrix makes it easy to use block time scheduling. One way to do this is to use the ‘Schedule Event’ feature in their appointment book. Simply choose the date, time and name/description for this ‘event’ and Dentrix will automatically place this block in any treatment room you choose on any day. In our practice, we used to have a fake patient named “Block” and we pretend scheduled “Block” repeatedly in order to accomplish block scheduling. No more. Now, at the beginning of the month, we set up our scheduled events – now it’s a piece of cake for our secretaries to identify several types of block scheduling and put patients into the right spot every time!

How quickly can you see a new patient in your schedule right now? Can you fit them into your hygiene schedule within 2 weeks? When is your next 2 hour opening for a crown or root canal? If you ask patients to wait more than a month to be seen, they may look elsewhere. Check out block scheduling as a great way to reserve time to see the patients for the procedures you care most about!

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AUTHOR: Jill Nesbitt
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