Dental Hiring Program

Common Problems with Hiring

Do these sound familiar?

Most dentists say that their biggest stress is managing and training their staff. They prefer to hire staff with dental experience to try to avoid training issues, but often these experienced staff are hard to find and bring a bad attitude from another practice into your office. Plus, there’s no time to waste. Usually a dentist is hiring because one of the current staff is leaving – we don’t have the luxury of waiting months to replace the primary chairside assistant, we have patients scheduled tomorrow!


Because dentists already have a full schedule of patient care, the time it takes to interview candidates and make an informed decision can be more than the dentist can give. This gets worse the more candidates you have applying for your position – how will you take the time to sort through resumes, do all the interviews and make the best decision when you’re supposed to be seeing patients?


On top of this, after a new staff person is hired by the dentist who has done all the work of interviewing, the existing staff are not happy. When the existing staff meet the new hire, they sometimes criticize and pick apart the new person. Even though the dentist realizes that this is often a reaction to change, it still is a frustration when so much of his personal time has been invested in the interview process.


As if this weren’t bad enough, starting off a new hire’s first week in an atmosphere of stress from the dentist and criticism from existing staff can be a recipe for failure.  And if the team feels this new person has been ‘unleashed’ on them and now they are responsible to take their time to train the new hire, they can feel resentful. New hires, especially women, sense the attitude towards them from existing staff and this can make for a tough transition into your practice.


Most dentists try to solve this problem by interviewing candidates after hours and hiring as quickly as possible. They base their hiring decision on the candidate’s interview and the requested pay rate and then they expect the new hire to jump right in and get to work. They figure if they pay their staff well, then the staff should “just do their job”.


Following this standard approach leads to a myriad of problems:

  1. You are the only one who has met the new hire. What if she doesn’t get along with your team?
  2. Often you’ve spent only a short period of time with the new hire. What if she is far different than revealed in just a one hour interview?
  3. You have spent all your extra time hiring and you’re now behind on your other tasks, so you’re feeling stressed for time.
  4. Your staff is grumpy about now spending their time training and getting the new hire on board when they didn’t have any input into hiring in the first place.


Bottom line: it is becoming increasingly difficult to hire and train the right staff who will keep patients happy and coming into your practice regularly. It is also certainly more difficult to protect your time and manage your practice overall.

A different approach

So, what we’re going to look at is how to use an organized system to hire new dental staff.


This system allows you to hire with the input from existing staff – by holding them responsible for the process. With an organized, logical hiring process, you can hire the right person that will work well with you and your team. This system works for dental assistants, secretaries and even hygienists.


To give you a feel for the hiring approach we use – here are the highlights of what is included:


Part 1: Finding Great Candidates – How to create an attention-grabbing ad and Where to run it to spread the word


Part 2: The Telephone Interview –  Questions to ask and what to look for in this short phone call


Part 3: The Onsite Interview – Resume review coaching and how to exit a candidate kindly


Part 4: Observation – Putting the candidate to the test to see how she performs before she is hired


Part 5: Voting – Giving the entire staff the opportunity for input and discussion before hiring


You can see that this dental staff hiring program covers each step of the hiring process.

So – how will this online course help you? Find out:

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How it helps you


The goal of this Hiring Course is to help you . . .

  • Hire new staff that ‘fit’ into your practice style
  • Hire new staff with the right personality and attitude to be successful
  • Set up a logical, efficient approach to hiring staff
  • Save you time by incorporating your existing team into the interview process
  • Reduce staff turnover and increase retention
  • Reduce your stress level by surrounding yourself with a strong staff

Follow a system and make your life easier

By using clear instructions for each step, your staff can run this program saving you time and headaches. The consistency of this approach virtually guarantees that your staff follows the same protocols and works in an efficient manner. This hiring process is a great way to bring an experienced staff together so that everyone gets on the same page with bringing a new hire into the practice and helping her to be successful.


If you are ready to share the responsibility for interviewing and hiring with staff that are well-trained and know exactly what to ask and what to do, so you can focus on your clinical dentistry, then your next step is to purchase our dental staff hiring series. Once you purchase, you will receive access to all 5 of the dental hiring steps. You can watch the videos and read through each step in the process as well as download interview questions and other support material.


To see how your staff can take control of the interviewing process so you can add great new hires to your team while saving you time and increasing your staff’s contribution, then purchase this hiring program.


You will receive access to the 5 steps of hiring available online as well as numerous downloadable documents you will use to customize this approach in your own office. You and your team will understand not just what to do, but why it is important – inspiring them to take more responsibility so they can have an impact on choosing the staff they get to work with!


You are working hard every day to provide quality care for your patients and run a successful small business. Wouldn’t it take a load off your plate to to come to work each morning knowing that you’re surrounded by a team that takes responsibility for the hiring process so that any time your practice grows or staff turnover occurs, the hiring process begins smoothly, candidates are interviewed by the staff until you meet their final choices and everyone can make the hiring decision together? This dental hiring approach is unique in dentistry – a comprehensive approach written out in an organized system – and at an amazingly low price. What would it be worth to outsource the interviewing and fact-checking for new staff? How many times have you reserved time for an interview only to have the candidate no show? How many times have you been disappointed at appearance of a candidate and left wondering why you ever wasted your time?

What is your time worth?

Let’s estimate you spend 8 hours of your time on a normal interview process. Let’s say you spend 1 one hour reviewing the stack of resumes that came in, another hour on the phone to coordinate interviews and then 6 hours in personal interviews (even at 1.5 hours/candidate this is a very conservative estimate of your time). Plus the time it takes if you actually check references. If we estimate your time worth $200/hour, you’ve just invested $1600 in your time to hire a new dental staff.


Now, we all know that sometimes we make a mistake in hiring and have to start all over again in just a short time, so you can see this is a ridiculously conservative estimate for your time spent in interviewing new staff. Plus, consider that the average career life for a dental staff person is 3-5 years and multiply this $1,600 by each team member every 5 years!


What would it be worth to you to have a dental staff hiring program that runs smoothly so your staff spends the time and you maintain control of the overall process? Plus, what if this approach helped staff to increase their sense of ownership in the practice, so it also reduced turnover? What would it be worth to make sure that when you invest your time interviewing a final candidate during her observation, you are confident that you are efficient and consistent with your time?


Our hiring program costs $297.   How does that sound?


I have worked with this approach in our group practice for over 16 years and I have seen how successful it is. And now it’s available to you. We want dentists to be able to use this process to more easily hire staff so they can provide high quality care to their patients. We want to make the business-side of dentistry just that much easier to handle – because we’ve been in your shoes. We know what it feels like to want the best for your patients and staff, while still having enough time to go home and enjoy your family. So, we want to make the dental staff hiring program inexpensive and easy.


The easy part comes from all these steps being available online. Just go through this online course and download the materials for your own use. The inexpensive part comes from providing this program for a one-time fee of $297. You can use this online hiring course to train your entire staff to step up and take responsibility for the hiring approach in your office. If you hire even one new staff person this year, you’re saving hundreds of dollars over a traditional approach.


Start today to get this organized approach to hiring dental staff for your office!

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